Family History

Origin of Chalappuram Family


It is very difficult to trace the root  or the origin of Chalappuram  family in the absence of authentic depositions. So we have to depend on legends of our ancestors passed on orally, to get a clear picture about oldest generations especially  the first two or three. As per these legends family’s root begins at a small place or street at Kozhikode (Calicut, India) in ancient Malabar area, called ‘Chalappuram’ where the natives were mostly Brahmins, Nairs and Thiyyas. Still in the year of 2011, Chalappuram is the name of a locality (Ward No.19) in Kozhikode Corporation.  


During the late eighteenth century, Tipu Sultan of Mysore started his conquests in Malabar. Most of his active life as Sultan of Mysore were spent in Kerala, waging wars of territorial annexation and Islamic conversions in various places like Kozhikode, Palakkad etc.


Arrival of our Great Great Grandfather at Mulakkulam


To escape the persecution by Tippu’s marauding army, our ancestor's family along with a few other   families had fled Chalappuram, Calicut to a peaceful  haven at Mulakkulam village, in north Travancore. It is believed that during olden days, family names were mostly established adopting the name of place where they lived. As such our first ancestor could have also adopted the family name in the same way as ‘Chalappuram’ and embraced Christian faith.


Geographical  Dispersion


Our earliest known ancestor  was Uthuppunny ( 1802 – 1896) who had settled at Mulakkulam , Kottayam (District).  Uthuppunny along with his two of his three male children had then migrated to Mulanthuruthy ( Ernakulam District) while the other child  stayed back at Mulakkulam. Uthuppunny later went  back to Mulakkulam and died there.


By early twentieth  century,  some of the  family  descendants migrated to   other  parts of Kerala state such as Varikkoly ( Ernakulam District) , Maneed  (Ernakulam District), Sultan Bathery ( Now in Wynad District). The geographical dispersion gathered further momentum by mid twentieth century with  the descendants relocating  to other cities/towns of Kerala, then to other Indian states besides countries in Middle East  etc in search of greener pastures.   Chalappuram family members  are now settled  in different parts of the world.