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Chalappuram family's  eldest known ancestor was Uthuppunny ( AD 1802 - 1896). whose parents could have  had settled at Mulakkulam, a small village in Kottayam district of Kerala  some time  during last decade of eighteenth century ( see History page for  origin of Chalappuram family)  

Uthuppunny’s offsprings  ( Second Generation) were believed to be as follows

  • Head of Chalappuram family at Mulakkulam Branch  
  • Mani Chacko (1819–1909)  Head of Mulanthuruthy and Maneed Branches,
  • Head of Chalappuram  Parayil  family  ( Mulanthuruthy and Malabar Branches)

Uthuppunny had taken two of his three sons to Mulanthuruthy ( a village in erstwhile Cochin State) due to his inability to pay tax on the property at Mulakkulam (in erstwhile Travancore State.).  Leaving both the two sons at Mulamthuruthy, Uthuppunny returned to Mulakkulam , stayed with his third son and died there.

Family Branches

Mulakkulam Branch

The second generation ancestor of Mulakkulam family had 5 sons namely Late Jacob Ramban, Late  Korah, Vettickal, Late Uthup (Vathakkattel), Late Skaria and Late Varkey (Kalappurayil) – Third Genreation

Children of Late Korah Vettickal were

·         Late Varkey

·         Late Cheria

·         Late Mathai

Children of Late Uthup Vathakkatel were

·         Late Chacko

·         Late …..

Children of Late Skaria were

·         Late Mathai (Thuruthel)

·         Late Varghese ( Changalam Thuruthel)

Children of Late Varkey  (Kalappurayil)  were

·         Late Chacko (Kalappurayil)

·         Late Mathew (Kalappurayil)

·         Late Joseph (Kalappurayil)

·         Late Kurian (Kanjirathara – wife’s family name)

Mulanthuruthy and Maneed Branch

Manichacko had two sons – Uthuppunny ( 1855-1927) and Late Varkey ( both third generation)

Children of Uthuppunny Chalappuram ( Mulanthuruthy)  were: ( Fourth generation)

·         Late Mani Chacko Pavoodam  - wife’s family name (1877-1952)

·         Late Ouseph Chalappuram ( Malayil) (18xx-1960)

·         Late Skaria Chalappuram  ( Padathedathu)  (18xx-1964)

·         Late Varkey  Chalappuram –(Padinjappurathu) (18xx-1947)

·         Late Markose Chalappuram ( 1902- 1979)

·         Late Mrs Achamma Isaac, Chemmanam

·         Late Mrs Chachi

·         Late Mrs Sosa (Cherupavoodam)

·         Late Mrs … ( Mudakkil)

·         Late Mrs …(South Parur)

Children of Varkey Chalappuram  were: ( Fourth generation)

·         Late Mathai Chalappuram-VARIKKOLY,

·         Late Mathu Chalappuram- VETTITHARA, 

·         Late Chacko Chalappuram-MANEED,

·         Late Uthuppunni Chalappuram-MANEED,

·         Late Rev.Fr.Gee Varghese Chalappuram-MULANTHURUTHY,

·         Late Pailykkunju Chalappuram-MALABAR and

·         Late Mrs Achappulla Paily Kaippallykkuzhy-POOTHRIKKA.

Chalappuram Parayil Branch ( Malabar and Mulanthuruthy)

The second generation ancestor of Chalappuram Parayil  had an offspring named Late Mathai.( Third Generation)

Mathai had   two sons who were Puravath and Paily ( Fourth Generation)

 Children of Puravath   were: ( Fifth generation)

·         Late John - Mulanthuruthy,

 Children of Paily (Malabar)  were: ( Fifth generation)

·          Late Jacob ( 19xx – 1984)

·         Late Mathai (1907 – 1959)

·         Late Peter (1912- 1987)

·         Late Varghese

·         Late  Kunjavira (1907-1990)

More details available in the Family tree for each branch separately


Faith and Priesthood

Most of the family members belong to either Jacobite or Orthodox church.  Chalappuram family has an impressive Episcopal lineage and till date we have had 29 priests serving in different hierarchy.

Among our priests,  the Late Very Rev.Fr.Yakob Ram ban, who was buried at Vettikkal Dayara, near Mulanthuruthy in 1913 attained the senior most position in clerical hierarchy.  Yakob Ramban had served as secretary of Parumala Kochu Thirumeni..

Some of the other priests of the family were:

·         Late Rev.Fr.GeeVarghese Chalappuram,  Mulakkulam,

·         Late Rev.Fr.GeeVarghese Chalappuram-Mulanthuruthy, 

·         Late Rev.Fr.GeeVarghese Thuruthel-Vettithara,

·         Late Rev.Fr:C.M.Abraham-Varikkoly

 There are three priests in the family now.  

  • Rev.Fr.George.C.Chalappuram - Mulakkulam
  • Rev.Fr.James Chalappuram  - Mulakkulam
  • Rev.Fr.Mathews Chalppuram-Mulakkulam,( President of Chalappuram Kudumbayogam)

Chalappuram Kudumbayogam

Kudumbam in Malayalam means, ‘Koodumbozhulla Imbam’ (The happiness on  being together).  Our family motto is exemplified  by our ‘strength in unity’.

It was late Rev.Fr. GeeVarghese Chalappuram, Mulakkulam who laid the foundation of Chalappuram Kudumbayogam in 1955, gathering the families in and near Mulakkulam. This meeting was organised annually which was later discontinued with his demise. It was again reconstituted in 1995, including all of our families mainly spread over the places like Mulakkulam, Mulanthuruthy, Varikkoly, Vettithara, Maneed and Malabar. The first get together of Chalappuram families (CHALAPPURAM KUDUMBAYOGAM) was conducted on May 10th 1995, at Rev.Fr.GeeVarghese Memorial High School, Karikkodu., Mulakkulam.   

Late Rev.Fr. Gee Varghese Thuruthel was the first president of the Kudumbayogam. We have to remember on this occasion all of our eminent clergy like Late Rev.Fr.Gee Varghese, Thuruthel, Late Rev.Fr.C.M.Abraham, V.Rev.George.C.Chalappuram Cor-Episcopa besides  Late Mr C.V.George, Late Mr C.V.Joseph  Mulanthuruthy and all others  who made this dream  to reality.  

Website ‘www.chalappuram.com’

It was another dream of Kudumbayogam to start a website of our own. The idea was strongly recommended in the 16th Chalappuram Kudumbasangamam conducted on 1st May 2010 at Maneed and the task was entrusted to the  Executive Committee headed by Very.Rev.George.C.Chalappuram Cor-Episcopa as our Patron, Rev.Fr.Mathews Chalappuram as President, Mr.Joy C Chalappuram as General Secretary, Mr.Roy Jacob as Treasurer/Trustee  and Web Site Administrator ,  

Initially the data collection was the main task which was overcome by the co-operation and hard work put in by the committee members.   Mr. Jacob Varghese (s/o Re.Fr.Gee Varghese Thuruthel Chalappuram) settled  in USA had already created a website   with the URL (www.chalappuram.com) and Mr. Jacob Varghese  was very generous to transfer  the web site domain and hosting rights to Chalappuram family office bearers.   Chalappuram family acknowledge our gratitude to Mr. Jacob Varghese for his magnanimity.  We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate everybody worked behind the curtains to make this dream come true.